In Passing

by John Farrell

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On his debut album In Passing, John Farrell recorded and mixed all parts except drums himself (including vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, and strings) in his basement.

His follow up, If We Should Wander, was recorded in between breaks from tour.

John has also gained a reputation for his film soundtrack compositions, working with a variety of student and independent filmmakers from the Chicagoland area.

John Farrell is a former member of You, Me, & Everyone We Know and was found playing guitar, keyboards and trumpet on tour with them regularly in 2010-2011.

Home in Chicago, John is often spotted with critically acclaimed Chicago acts Derek Nelson and The Innocent.

Andrew J. Coate


"In Passing" is a collection of songs that I wrote between the fall of 2008 and the spring of 2009. Though I had probably written closer to fifteen different songs and ideas during that time, these were the ones that I felt fit best together in creating one specific mood or theme. Many of the songs actually bleed into one another to further push that concept.

The title “In Passing” embodies the sort of parenthetic disposition I had put my self in through out the months I spent writing these songs. I was in between work, school, composing for independent films, and also struggling to keep my band Voodoo Youth alive while simultaneously joining up with The Innocent to play guitar. So this EP was kind of a way of saying “by the way, this is also what I’ve been working on.” I have been writing songs since I was in high school, but this is the first time I have ever put any sort of organization behind a particular collection of my songs with out a band to help me convey the message.

Other than the tasteful beats of drummer Kyle Gibson (The Skies We Built, Voodoo Youth), the EP was both composed and performed by myself. Gibson can also be credited for creative consulting through out the process. For financial purposes I also recorded, engineered, and mixed the EP myself. At this point I felt the EP needed an outsider’s perspective to put the finishing touches on this venture, so I looked to Jon Clardy, who I’ve successfully worked with on a number of projects over the last five years or so. I credit him with the master as well as assisting in key technical aspects of the mix. The end result of this EP became everything I knew it could be, but never thought would actually come to fruition.

I hope it is enjoyed by those who listen to it. I think those who can appreciate artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Ryan Adams, Band of Horses, The Damnwells, Rogue Wave and Ben Kweller will like the album.

Visual artist Jeffrey Rowe will be who I’m turning to for album artwork. He is currently forming these brilliant visual aids, bringing the album full circle. Finally, with the help of long time friend and tireless indie/local music advocate Andrew Coate who is keeping all my “music business” in order and on schedule, I hope to push these songs as far as they can go.

Thanks for reading and listening,
~John Farrell


released December 9, 2009

John Farrell - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Harmonica, Strings, mixing and programing
Kyle Gibson - Drums, Percussion
Artwork - Jeff Rowe
Mastering- Jonathon Clardy
Marketing - Andrew J. Coate

Live line up includes:
Kyle Gibson
David Paha
Greg Gromek
Rico Vigil




John Farrell Chicago

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Track Name: Cold Mornings
I feel like I came out here for nothing,

I feel like everyone’s ashamed.

I hear the oceans breathing salty California,

Man I sure could use a change.

I think that one more frozen morning in Chicago,

Is gonna put me in a state.

But you don’t wanna leave and I,

I don’t wanna stay.

And there’s no sense in looking through the paper,

Or giving creed to what it would say.

I never thought I’d leave reference for fiction,

But I think that’s all the bad news I can take.

Sorting through old photos on my living room floor,

And trying to recognize a face…

It gets harder every year as they almost disappear from my mind.

Concede just one more day

The excuses to just hold on

Cause you don’t wanna leave and I…

I don’t wanna stay.

And I know that I’ll never change your mind,

But I know I can’t wait.
Track Name: Sudden Realization
When was the last time that you came to that sudden realization?

Staring back at you in a department store window, and mirroring that somber face.

When was the last time that you knew you were ready for tomorrow?

Racing for each breath that can’t come soon, soon enough to catch me.

And I made a mess of this I know, but I think I can make amends.

Forgiveness is oh so close to you, but such soreness will break and bend the best.

I think this is the last time I’ll tell you exactly what I’m thinking.

I’d rather shut that door than let what little light in,

Melting all this trust that’s left and gone.
Track Name: In Passing
Last summer was something I could confess,

Those days runnin together makin a mess of my head.

And the world I couldn’t feel beneath, and the future was so hard to believe in.

Outside a falsetto breeze sings to me:

“Hey twenty-three’s not so late, yeah thirty-three’s ten years away.”

And now as I walk with out a leash, heavy cumbrous thoughts wear on my knees.

And you, you watched your chance scatter free.

Don’t tell me it’s easier this way when to me, it seemed like, we never knew what we were gonna do next.
Track Name: One Foot Out The Door
I know you'll forgive me somehow,
but its gonna take some time

Meet me in a year or two from now,
where I'm sure I'll have more I can apologize for

They say enjoy life's little highs
don't let the lows get you too down

Cause I'd rather suffer through tonight
Then let this linger all my life

And I can't believe the time that's passed me by
another drink or two ought to jog my mind
I'm sick of hanging here and buyin the lines
so with one foot out the door I looked around
Waved goodbye

there's nothin left for me here now
Cause there's things in life that you can't hide
Or ever let go and now...

And I can't believe the time that's passed me by
another drink or two and I'll be blind
I'm sick of hanging here and buyin the lines
so with one foot out the door I turned around
And waved goodbye

(Let's find a way someday, somehow)
Track Name: The Bridge
I wish our words rhymed like lines we'd read in a play
but no one really talks that way

And I wish I could expel your worried thoughts away
but no one really thinks that way

And oh how the weather will be turnin
and oh how you fear the change

But if we make it through the winter
Spring could melt our troubles away
Don't let all of your little sorrows
wash your love down the drain

You've moved on to clenching your fists in rage
And I'm sorry that you feel that way
and now you're demanding an answer
and I've got little too explain
but maybe...

If we make it through the winter
Spring could melt our troubles away
Don't let all of your little sorrows
wash your world down the drain
Track Name: Until We Dream
I just let my troubles get the best of me,
Cause yesterday's I put off till today

Dismissive and too stubborn to regret it
I’m angled too obtuse

You let your good heart walk all over you,
While other folks won’t give you the time of day

I wonder if there’s something buried in all of us,
Like habits we can’t break…

Until we dream

And goin through the motions doesn’t appeal to me,
But I can’t just throw caution to the wind

I wonder if there’s something on the other side,
Something you close your eyes to see

Oh I hope you’re picturing it now…
Brilliant color swallowing the black and cold and empty

Until we dream…

Are we free…
Track Name: I Guess I Was Wrong
A hard cold stare lookin me over

On a face that I know you wouldn’t wear sober.

And it hurts, but its life and I know

That it’s harder to face alone.

And it plays in my mind over and over.

So it’s hard for me now

To keep my head level.

And I wish I could paint us a new world,

But I know I could paint my self in a corner.

Well Jesus Christ, no one told me it could be so hard

Seen only twenty-two years and walkin around thinking

I knew it all.

But shalalala, I guess I was wrong.

But I, I’ll find my love again.
Track Name: Longest Day, Shortest Night
It reaches us all like carpet spread wall to wall.

Chasing a dream, you’ve lived all alone

In moments scattered between there and now.

But autumn can’t cure summer blues

So sick of breakin bad news

It leaves you pacin dust covered floors.

Watching the light creep under the door.

And the pressure relieved from your longest day,

Relax now let go and embrace…

But autumn can’t cure summer blues

So sick of breakin bad news

And the conversation I lose

Cause nothings the same without you

(Nothings the same)

(Conversations I’ll lose)

Sleep has found you now…

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